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Fronius Solar Inverter

Fronius inverters are competent, accurate and essential part of every photovoltaic system.  Power classification for home to large scale commercial system covers the entire spectrum market is ranging from 1.5 to 27.0 KW with a guarantee. Fronius SnapInverter range expresses the latest stage in evolution of inverter technology. Fronius has sharper, lighter and flexible ranges for SnapInverters with future-proof as standard. Fronius inverters were the excellent benchmark for solar inverters throughout the world and with15 years of achievement. Through this wealthy history of reliability, innovation and service the new SnapInverters were built from Fronius.

Fronius Primo is one of the recent models added in the range of SnapInverter. Primo inverters boast all range products with 97.8% maximum efficiency. Eye catching features such as easy connectivity through internet or Wi-Fi, monitoring your system from anywhere through solar web, compatibility with smart meter of Fronius and extended warranty too. Primo inverter is high peak inverters in the 3 to 8 KW models for obtaining preferable choice for larger residential as well as small commercial systems with just single phase connection. Reliability for energy management system has provided with better performance and more than just a solar inverter.

Product Details


21.5 KG


645 mm × 431 mm × 204 mm


Between -40°C – +55°C


Exclusively 98.0% efficient


Provides both indoor and outdoor