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GooDWe Inverter

GoodWe was established in the year 2010, since then their focus towards team building and research and development was commendable. In 2012, the GW4000-SS inverter awarded the double A PHOTON test ranking the top three in the world. This was just one of their many achievements.

GOODWE specialised in PV inverters and other electronic components for the generation and storage of renewable energy.

GoodWe ranging from 1.0 to 75kW with 98.8% conversion efficiency. GoodWe D-NS series inverter adopts cutting –edge technology in photovoltaic fields, designed under modem industrial concept. It is built in anti-reverse function, with multiple monitoring and communication.

GooDWe solar inverters are electrical converters that transform direct current (DC) output to alternating current (AC), which can then be fed into a power grid. MPPT technologies, applications, and hardware are all guaranteed to extend the life of the device.

The inverter system is intended to transform solar energy into electrical energy for household loads via inverters. A solar power inverter or solar inverter system is a cost-effective solution because it saves money for the customers. GooDWe solar inverters are used in residential rooftops, industrial arrays, and energy storage systems. GooDWe inverter is a leading manufacturer of top solar inverters that use cutting-edge technologies in solar photovoltaic power conversion and are suitable for newly-built housing projects or limited domestic installations.

We encourage the use of renewable energy sources through the use of inverters, assisting in the elimination of the greenhouse effect and global warming so that nature is protected from its impacts. The GooDWe inverter price list is dependent on its form, and while it can seem to be a wide variety when choosing to buy one, the truth is that the larger the Inverter you choose, the lower the price. GooDWe inverter for home employs cutting-edge photovoltaic technology. Higher conversion efficiency and lower energy losses are guaranteed to increase consumer loyalty.


  • Appropriate for commercial and industrial roofs, 
  • Maintain Low cost
  • Ensures quick power generation and a longer operating cycle
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor systems.
  • Small in dimension and low in weight
  • Quick ROI
  • Easy to carry and install.
  • Remote monitoring through Wifi
  • Integrated Anti-islanding Protection
  • Natural cooling.
  • MPP Tracker.
  • Max Efficiency>97.5%


Revolutionary solar for GooDWe Inverter

Revolutionary solar is GooDWe's best platform for solar inverters. Buy GooDWe solar converters for various forms of solar inverters, such as on-grid solar inverters/solar grid-tie inverters, off-grid solar inverters and the hybrid solar inverters in Australia at the best prices from the Revolutionary Solar Company. Revolutionary Solar distributes a wide variety of solar inverters, solar grid, off-grid solar power systems, batteries for solar inverters, etc.

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Product Details

WEIGHT Not more than 14 Kg
DIMENSION 347 mm × 432 mm × 145 mm
TEMPERATURE RANGE Between -25°C – +60°C
PERFORMANCE Maximum efficiency of 97.8%