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6.6kw Solar System in Victoria

6.6kw Solar System in Victoria

If you are browsing for a detailed guide that will assist you to buy a 6.6kw solar system in Victoria, then you have come to the right place. This article is for beginners who are looking at and everything about the solar power system. Without further holdup, let's proceed with the article with what the solar system is, its components, and some of its types. 

Components of the 6.6kw solar system in Victoria

A solar system is a mixture of components that are adjusted together to produce electricity. Some of the components used in the solar power system are :

•    Solar Panels/ Modules - To absorb sunlight. 
•    Solar Inverters - Powerhouses that convert DC into AC. 
•    Batteries - To stock the extra energy produced. 
•    Mounting structures - To adjust the solar panel on your roof. 
•    Other accessories - wires, cables, junction boxes, etc. 

Different Types of 6.6kw solar system in Victoria

There are three main categories of solar power systems accessible in the market - grid inter-tied; grid inter-tied with battery backup; and off-grid. Let's discuss each type of solar system available in the market. 

•    Grid Inter-Tied Solar Power Systems
Grid Inter-Tied Residential Solar Power Systems acts as a connection to the utility grid as well as to the home. A special meter for net metering policy acts as a component in this type of grid system. The main function of this net metering policy is to supply the excess energy generated by the solar system to the utility grid and vice versa. This type of solar system is a cost-effective method to generate electricity through the sun. 

•    Grid Inter-tied Solar Power System with Battery

The next type that comes in our list is Grid Inter-tied Residential Solar Power System with Battery Backup facility. This solar power system comes with batteries that help the production and demand of the generated power. For example, during the day when sunlight is ample, the solar system charges the attached batteries. This power is utilized when there is a limited production of electricity. With the introduction of batteries in this type of solar system, the installation process involves certain complications. 

•    Off-Grid Solar Power Systems
Off-Grid Solar Power Systems comes where there is no easy access to the utility grid. The main components required in this type of solar system are a storage battery and a solar inverter. The inverter helps you to convert DC into AC but the batteries need to be restored after every ten years. This completely independent and hassle-free solar power system frees you from the electricity bills. 

Wrapping up

So this was all you need to know before you buy a 6.6kw solar system in Victoria. If you want to buy and install a solar system that is perfect for your home, you can contact a professional. You can increase your home value and helps you to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and other dangerous pollutants. After that you've made up your mind about which solar system you need to install, you must call a professional to install it right away and enjoy its countless advantages. 

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