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What size solar system is needed to power a house?

What size solar system is needed to power a house?

“The need of the hour is to switch to renewable energy!!” – You might have heard multiple news channels, seen environmentalists walk around with billboards, read newspapers and magazines that print such quotes, and later ignored them. Like you, many property owners are reluctant to invest in solar panels because of residential solar panel costs. Well, everything comes at a price and let us understand why the transition from non-renewable to renewable energy sources is needed. 

Today, we have exhausted ourselves of the fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and petroleum, but the demand for a continuous supply of electricity is only multiplying each hour. We live in an era where we cannot function without electricity. Whether it is to power our home appliances, lights, mobile phones, laptops, computers or coffee and vending machines and elevators in an office - electricity is essential for survival even though it leaves us with pollution, depletion of natural resources and massive bills.

This is where Solar Energy comes into the picture!

Did you know? 1 hour of solar power can meet 1 year of energy requirements? But we are utilising only 0.001% of this energy?

Therefore, whether it is societal pressure, rising monthly electricity bills, or increased carbon emissions, whichever is the excuse, the only solution to combat the surging dependence on electricity is to adopt solar or clean energy for future generations. Not just commercial, industrial and public spaces, but homes can also reap the benefits of solar powered electricity by installing a home solar panel system. The benefits are: 

  1. Reduced Environmental Impact: The conventional sources which generate energy, like coal, oil and natural gas, emit greenhouse gases and toxic waste substances and cause air and water pollution leading to the deterioration of our environment and rising health problems. On the other hand, a residential solar system reduces carbon emissions and pollution by supplying cleaner energy. Without any fuel being burnt, you can be sure to receive a continuous and limitless supply of the sun’s renewable energy.

  2. Save on Utility Bills: Many homeowners refrain from investing in solar panels because of the high residential solar panel costs. But they need to realise that you can skip paying monthly electricity bills with this one-time investment. Also, the amount of electricity produced by residential solar systems is enormous for you to continue using as many electronic appliances as you like without worrying about the bills. Home solar panel systems are an excellent investment for long-term savings. 

  3. Low Maintenance Costs: Contrary to the belief of many homeowners, a home solar panel system requires little to zero maintenance charges. The panels installed by Revolutionary Solar are highly effective and durable and will serve you for years without the need for constant repairs or replacements. Despite residential solar systems having multiple benefits and being available in abundance, many aspiring solar energy homeowners wonder if investing in solar panels is worth it.

    A home solar panel system is more of a necessity than a luxurious investment. It enhances one’s standard of living and property value and eliminates bill payments. But similar to how one shoe size cannot fit all in the family, one solar panel recommendation cannot work for every family. There are multiple factors to be considered. Such as:

      1. Number of solar panels you need – This entirely depends upon the size of your family, on average, how much electricity you and your family consume daily and the size of your home.

      2. How much unshaded roof space is available – Before installing a solar panel, you must check the hours you can expect direct sunlight in your area.

      3. Budget – Whether you want one solar panel or multiple, it should fit your budget. 

Families in Australia prefer a 5Kw to 9Kw residential solar panel system. But what works best for you can only be understood with the help of a consultation from the professional and qualified team at Revolutionary Solar. 

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Solar Energy is the Present and the Future. Make the future of your family and loved ones secure and sustainable with an investment in a residential solar system today! Solar energy is cost-efficient, renewable and plentiful, but reliable solar panel installers are only one – Revolutionary Solar.

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