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Solar Panel Mesh Installation: Protection from Birds and pigeon

Solar Panel Mesh Installation: Protection from Birds and pigeon

Pigeons and solar panels may be seen coexisting on many UK rooftops, with the latter providing a safe and comfortable place for the former to raise their young. Bird droppings may diminish a panel's efficiency by as much as 30 per cent, which can impair your overall yield if you don't use inverters, which is becoming more of a concern as pigeons move to build nests underneath solar panels around the country. In order to keep pigeons from making a nest in your solar panels, you may use solar panel mesh installation. Pigeon netting should be put above solar panels to prevent a recurrence of the incident. 

Pigeons often seek cover in the crevices beneath Solar panels. A number of issues can arise as a result of this, the most notable being pigeon droppings harming the wiring and dirt buildup on the panels, both of which reduce the system's output. From a medical and economical perspective, this is understandably frustrating. 

Why Do I Need Soalr Panel Bird Protection?

1 - Keep Your Solar Panels Safe

Damage to the exposed wiring in a solar panel, as well as the corrosive effects of bird droppings on the solar panel's array and its frame, are two of the main reasons why solar panels fail after being installed. Most panel warranties do not cover damage caused by birds

2 - Save Money and Property 

There is a buildup of bird droppings and ruminant nesting debris under the panels. Water pools and obstructions form under solar panels when nesting material and feathers are used as insulation. When this residue accumulates, it can find its way beneath the tiles and shingles, wreaking havoc on the roof sheathing and insulation. 

3 - Safeguard Your Health

The parasites and contagious illnesses that birds spread through their waste can have serious consequences for your health. Being in close quarters with others increases your risk of contracting a mite or lice infestation. Other unwanted visitors, like rodents, are drawn to a trove of nesting materials. 

4 - Restore and Preserve The Property's Curb Appeal 

Bird poop on solar panels not only looks bad, but the acidity of the poop will eventually eat away at the panel's plastic and leave a permanent mark. The visual appeal of your home might be damaged by birds since they build nests on the eaves, verandas, and gutters of your roof. 

5 - Cut Back On Roof Maintenance

Leaves, bird poop, and other debris can impede airflow and damage solar panels. Birds may get stuck beneath the panels and perish. Cleaning solar panels is a dangerous and time-consuming job that can lead to property damage and leaks. 

6 - Do Not make Sounds, Nesting Birds 

It's usually at night when birds are noisiest in the nest, although nesting and roosting are still noisy activities. Some of Melbourne's bird species raise their broods in large, noisy colonies. The use of bird netting on solar panels helps muffle the sound. 

Products and Services that Prevent Birds from Damaging Solar Panels

Many companies have solutions to the problem of birds damaging solar panels. Some goods can be attached to the solar panel bird mesh installation in order to hide the lower grid underneath. 

Other solar panel bird deterrents include netting that is stretched across the entire roof or other portions of your property where birds are getting in contact with it. 

Unfortunately, there is no "one size fits all" method to prevent birds from nesting beneath solar panels. Seeking the counsel of an expert in the field is a useful first step in controlling bird populations. 

There may be some risks to using bird repellent, but they are outweighed by the benefits. 

In an effort to cut costs, some homeowners may attempt installing bird netting over solar panels on their own. However, given the high cost of solar panels and the fact that birds quickly learn where to build their nests, this may be an extremely expensive error to make. Hiring a solar panel bird mesh installer is the best course of action if you value maintaining a high level of solar energy output and cleanliness at your home. These experts employ chemical-free solar panel bird deterrents that are harmless to the environment. Additionally, they are adaptable since they may be installed on any roofing material. Hiring a solar panel mesh installation near me can help you save both time and money.