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Hanwha Q Cells Solar Panel 2023

Hanwha Q Cells Solar Panel 2023

Describe Qcells.

In the Solar Valley of Germany, where Qcells was formed, solar cell development was spearheaded by the company. Hanwha Qcells is the official name of the company now that Hanwha Group, a South Korean commercial powerhouse, acquired Qcells in 2012. Although its main office is in Seoul, South Korea, Thalheim, Germany continues to serve as the location for its design and engineering operations. Revolutionary Solar is a Melbourne Solar Installer

Hanwha solar panels and in a blog we give details about Hanwha Q Cells Solar Panel for

Solar panel installation Australia

Innovating and well-known for its high-performance monocrystalline PERC modules, Qcells Hanwha solar panels is still a leading solar panel producer. Compared to its rivals, Qcells has remarkable power and efficiency ratings thanks largely to its unique Q.antum technology, a type of advanced PERC technology. On that, however, later.

What types of solar panels do Qcells provide?

Three different panel brands, all from the Q.Peak Duo series, are available for residential usage from Qcells as this article was written. Despite having comparable characteristics, each has a little difference in price, power output, and appearance.

As with many technologies, solar manufacturers release goods in generations. Before the company settled on its most lucrative technology, polycrystalline panels were used in earlier generations of Qcells products. Some older Qcells module generations, such as the Q.Peak Duo-l, Q.Peak Duo-G5, Q.Peak Duo BLK-G6, and Q.Peak Duo-ML-G9, may be familiar to you. Even some inverters like Enphase or Fronius are combined with solar panels. The Q.Peak Duo BLK-G10 is the company's tenth generation of panels as of right now.

Q. Peak Duo Blk ML-G10+

The first product from Qcells to surpass the 400-watt threshold is the Q.Peak Duo BLK ML-G10+, which is the all-black variant of the company's 10th-generation solar panel. It uses the zero gaps Q.ANTUM DUO Z technology from Qcells to increase module efficiency by up to 20.6%. Additionally, a 25-year product and performance warranty is offered for the module. The efficiency of the ML-G10+ in all-black compared to the other items in Qcells' portfolio is marginally lower.

Q. Peak Duo ML-G10+

The Q.Peak Duo ML-G10+ is the most potent and effective household solar panel from Qcells. It is constructed using half-cell mono PERC technology. Although this model isn't available in all-black, its wattage and efficiency ratings are marginally better than those of its all-black competitors. This is the ideal Qcells solar panel for you if roof aesthetics are not a concern.

Q.Peak Duo G10

The Q.Peak Duo G10 lacks the same power output but has an efficiency that is comparable to the G10+ models. The G10 from Qcells will be the best choice for more frugal solar customers. The G10 offers roughly the same efficiency ratings, warranties, and temperature coefficients as the G10+ models, save from an approximate 20–30 lower amount of watts.

In addition, Qcells provides further alternatives, such as the 495–585 W Q.Peak Duo-XL-G10, for utility and commercial and industrial (C&I) applications. Because roof space isn't as limited for C&I applications, solar panels are often bigger and bulkier than residential solar panels.

Solar Panel Efficiency of Qcells

The amount of sunshine that a solar panel can convert into useful AC electricity is known as its efficiency. Homeowners should pay close attention to the efficiency rating of solar panels because high-efficiency panels allow a homeowner to make the most of their limited roof space, especially on smaller homes.

Efficiency levels in the industry range from 15% to 20% on average, with the top performers exceeding 20%. The solar cell technology developed by Qcells has efficiency ratings that range from 19.6% to 21.2%, a respectable figure that places it among the best in the industry. Visit our article on the most efficient solar panels for more information on how Qcells panels stack up against other high-efficiency solar options.

Solar Panel Power Rating Qcells

The watts (W), also known as wattage, that a solar panel is capable of producing are indicated by its power rating. The more solar power a panel can produce, the higher its power rating. Even though we emphasize how important solar panels' efficiency is if a solar panel has a low power rating, a difference between 10% and 20% won't matter much. By 2022, the best solar panels will surpass 400 W, with the industry average falling between 300 and 400 W.

The current panels from Qcells Hanwha solar panels all meet or beyond the industry standard. The Q.Peak Duo ML-G10+ ranks among the top solar panels on the market, with output levels ranging from 385 to 415 W, even though Qcells isn't currently breaking the world record for the most potent home solar panels. This accomplishment is partly attributable to a smaller gap between the busbars and the extra tracks, which allows for a 2% improvement in performance.

Solar Panel Temperature Coefficient for Qcells

Solar panels can overheat in harsh settings, thus they are designed to withstand excessive heat. The amount to which a solar panel's output declines in extremely hot weather is referred to as the temperature coefficient of the module. Lower temperature coefficients, which have little impact on the operation of the module, are indicative of solar panels that operate well in heat.

A solar panel's typical temperature coefficient falls between -.3% and -.5% per degree Celsius. A solar module with a temperature coefficient of -.3%/°C would lose, to put it more precisely. For every degree over 25°C that the temperature rises, it loses 3% of its power production.

With a temperature coefficient of -.35%/°C on average, Hanwha Qcells solar panels function well, but not above average in very hot or very cold situations.

Warranty for Qcells solar panels

The majority of clients believe that the solar installation firm is responsible for providing the warranty. The manufacturer guarantee (or product warranty) and performance warranty are provided by the brand of solar panel, inverter, or battery you choose, while the majority of solar companies do include workmanship warranties.

Customers are covered by a 25-year product warranty and a 25-year linear performance guarantee when using Qcells modules. According to the linear performance guarantee, your panels will provide at least 97% of the minimum rated power output in the first year and at most 0.6% less power each year after installation. After 25 years, an 83% minimum power output is assured.

What Are the Prices of Qcells Solar Panels?

The pricing of Qcells modules will vary based on where you live when you make your purchase, and even the solar installation you choose, just like any other type of solar panel. Because of its highly worldwide supply chain, the solar sector is susceptible to changes in supply and demand as well as governmental regulations.

But Qcells is renowned for offering excellent value for the money. The high-quality panels will probably cost about average for the industry, if not a little less. Depending on which Qcells product you choose, prices will also change. Higher efficiency solar panels may be more expensive up front, but they will produce more electricity in the long run, shortening your payback period.


Some of the greatest all-around solar panels are available from Qcells Hanwha solar panels. Qcells is a cost-effective, dependable alternative with more than enough power to complete the task, even though it won't be at the top of the list for any particular category. For the models mentioned above, Qcells backs its modules with a 25-year product and performance warranty, demonstrating its faith in the quality of its goods.

Given all of these factors, it is not surprising that Qcells solar panels are among the most well-liked in Australia. Revolutionary Solar Melbourne Solar Installer wholeheartedly endorses Qcells Hanwha solar panels as a dependable all-around option offering outstanding value to anyone who wants Solar panel installation Australia and wants our service.