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Why Hanwha Solar Panels Are the Best Choice for Your Home

Why Hanwha Solar Panels Are the Best Choice for Your Home

Hanwha Solar has emerged to be a recent leader in solar power. It has been recognized as one of the leading photovoltaic manufacturers in Australia. Here are the top reasons as to why you should choose Hanwha solar panels for your home.  

They are efficient: The efficiency of the solar panels is measured based on the total sunlight on the panel. It is then converted into electricity making it a renewable source of energy. It has dimensions of 982 mm × 1954 mm × 40 mm which can be installed easily in your residential spaces. The Hanwha solar panels Australia are efficient. They fall under the high-efficiency category. 

High performance: The Hanwha solar panels performance depends on the rate of output when the temperature rises. The long-term yield security with Anti-PID technology and traceable quality makes it a worthy option for your residential spaces.

Light-weight and innovative all-weather technology: The Hanwha solar panels provide optimum yields in all weather conditions. The excellent low-light and temperature behaviour endures the high performance of the solar panel. They weighs about 22 kg and has a high-tech aluminum alloy frame which allows snow and heavy wind loads to fall on it. 

Maximizes cost reduction: Due to its higher module capacity per box, the cost of Hanwha solar panels is reduced by up to 10% causing it to reduce the costs and make it a feasible option for consumers. 

Safe and reliable investment: The Hanwha solar panels are capable of protecting themselves against short circuits. It happens because of the thermally induced power loss feature. It comes with a 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance warranty. 


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Revolutionary Solar is a leading solar panel systems company in Australia that provides reliable, affordable and durable solar panels. The solar panels are delivered to different places in Australia. With so many years of experience, we believe in contributing to sustainable future for all.

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1.   Are Hanwha solar panels suitable for all types of homes and environments?

Yes, Hanwha solar panels are designed to be installed on residential rooftops and buildings in Australia. They are adaptable to all weather conditions. Revolutionary Solar offers its products across Australia.


2.   What kind of warranties do Hanwha solar panels offer?

Hanwha solar panel offers long-term reliability and performance guarantees to its customers. They have 12 year 12-year-long warranty so that the owners can live peacefully without having to check about the warranty every year. 


3.   How can say Hanwha solar panels are suitable for my home? 

The team at Revolutionary Solar can help you with all your specific needs. They are here to offer expert guidance and help you determine which product is suitable for your home.


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Revolutionary Solar ensures that our products provide sustainable renewable energy under all regulatory controls. We aim to help people by telling them to adopt sustainable solutions for a better future. We provide affordable and premium quality inverters, solar panels and micro-inverters to our clients from Australia. In case you want to inquire about Hanwa solar panels price, get in touch with our team via the website. We are looking forward to assisting you with our products and services.