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Solar Panels Melbourne: Comparing system prices and installers

Solar Panels Melbourne: Comparing system prices and installers

In Melbourne, are solar panels still a good investment? It would seem so, given that some Melbourne condominiums have over 70% of their roofs equipped with solar panels. Perhaps you've already come around to the advantages of adopting solar in terms of cost savings. You simply want to know which solar panels are the greatest to put on your roof. This article by Revolutionary Solar, Melbourne Solar Installer examines Melbourne, Victoria's potential for solar energy.

Revolutionary Solar is a Solar Installers In Melbourne and a provider of Commercial Solar Systems and Solar Systems For Industries.

How much electricity is generated by solar panels in Melbourne?

We as Solar Installers In Melbourne know that Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, has some of the best solar energy resources in the world, which are illuminated by the sun's beams. Melbourne is a little bit further south than Brisbane or Sydney, but there is still enough sunlight to make solar panels an investment that is beneficial.

The average Melbourne home's roof receives 4.18 kWh of raw sunlight on a daily basis. This sunlight essentially serves as the system's "fuel." A 1 kW solar system in Melbourne would produce between 4.18 kWh and 4.8 kWh of electricity per day if it were 100% efficient, and a 2 kW system would produce between 8.36 kWh and 9.6 kWh.

However, in real life, efficiency losses exist between the moment the sun strikes your panels and the time the energy leaves the system's inverter.

How solar power can help you save money?

If you are linked to the grid and lack a solar energy system, you must buy all of your electricity from a retailer. In most cases, you must pay at least 21 cents for each kilowatt-hour you consume.

By minimizing the amount of energy you need to buy from the grid, solar panels can help you save money. Each unit of solar energy you use in your house is one you don't have to pay for. The current state minimum set at 6.7 cents per kWh allows you to earn credits for selling your energy into the grid, but you'll save far more money by concentrating on increasing your solar self-consumption.

You can use your solar energy as efficiently as possible in two ways:

  1. Ensure that your system is the appropriate size for your residence.

  2. Behave appropriately by being aware of your patterns of electricity consumption.

What Rebates are available for solar energy systems and batteries?

Federal STC Upfront Rebate

If you're looking for solar rebates, the Renewable Energy Target of the federal government has a mechanism that lowers the upfront cost of solar installations with less than 100kW of capacity. The incentive's real worth varies depending on the location and size of the system, but it typically amounts to around 30% of the installation cost.

Using the Clean Energy Regulator's calculator, a typical 6.6kW solar panel system would generate 70 certificates, and at the current price of $36.9 per certificate, it would result in a rebate of $2,583.

Solar Victoria Rebate

The state government established Solar Victoria to oversee the administration of the Victorian Government's Solar Home Scheme, which provides eligible solar panels Melbourne customers with a supplementary refund to the federal programme. Importantly, you don't have to pick between this and the government STC rebate indicated above; they are both available.

If qualified, your rebate for solar batteries maybe $3,500 and for solar panels it might be as much as $1,400. For qualifying Victorians, interest-free loans are also offered.

What is the price of solar panels in Melbourne?

Melbourne has some of the lowest PV system installation costs in the world, which is one of the reasons why there are so many rooftop solar installations in the state. This is largely due to the STC refund and the Victorian State Scheme. With the help of our monthly Solar PV Pricing Index, Revolutionary solar, Melbourne Solar Installer, has been keeping tabs on price changes in Australia's major cities.

6.6kW solar panel systems in Melbourne typically cost $5,300, including the STC refund and GST but excluding the state incentive, according to our data from October 2022. Therefore, your expenditures can be much cheaper if you are qualified for the $1,400 Solar Victoria refund.

Are solar panels in Melbourne worth it?

Our research shows that Victorians who qualify for the Solar Victoria rebate have the strongest case for solar of all Australians, including those in the warm north. Customers that instal solar panels in Melbourne can reduce their yearly energy expenses by up to $2,200 with a payback period of three to five years, as shown in the chart below for common use cases.

Average costs are shown in the table below:

Solar Panel Size

Average Cost (after rebates)

Average Daily Energy Usage

Self Consumption Rate

Annual Savings

Payback Period



15 kWh



4.2 Years



20 kWh



3.6 Years



30 kWh



4.5 Years



45 kWh



4.8 Years


Though lower costs don't always imply lesser quality, they should still be handled with a healthy dose of caution; a solar panel system should continue to provide electricity for up to 25 years. Extended payback periods will arise from any system downtime, not to mention potential costs for repairs or replacements that are not covered by the product guarantee.

What about Melbourne's solar battery storage?

In Australia, solar batteries typically have a poorer return on investment than solar panels. This is primarily because batteries haven't experienced the same significant price decline that solar panels did over the past 10 years.

At Revolutionary solar, Melbourne Solar Installer, we continuously monitor these costs and frequently evaluate the financial performance of batteries, The short answer is that, despite the $3,500 state government rebate, the significant expense associated with installing a battery will not be justified for the majority of people on the basis of financial gain alone.

What makes Victorians instal batteries in addition to solar panels, then? While for some people the chance to receive a $3,500 rebate is simply too wonderful to pass up, for others installing a battery is motivated by some non-financial factors.


Energy security has been everyone's top concern following recent bushfire seasons, and the only option to keep the lights on in your home without installing a generator is to have a solar and battery system.

It's also crucial to note that Australia's move away from coal power won't be achievable without significantly additional battery capacity. Although providing this capacity won't be the responsibility of solar panels Melbourne consumers, every little bit helps!

If you want to know more contact Revolutionary Solar, we are Solar Installers In Melbourne and a provider of Commercial Solar Systems and Solar Systems For Industries and domestic use.