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Solar Panel Installation in Townsville

Solar Panel Installation in Townsville

Solar Panel Installation in Townsville

Have you considered putting in Solar Panels Townsville but are unsure where to begin?

We've as a leading Solar Installers Townsville have done the legwork so you can learn more about solar energy, then obtain Solar Panel Installation Townsville from the Best Solar Company Townsville.

A Bit About Townsville

Townsville, which is located in far northern Queensland, is regarded as the unofficial capital of North Queensland. Townsville was named one of Australia's Solar Cities back in 2006 as part of a programme to test out new environmentally friendly methods of supplying and using electricity.

Queensland's Townsville is located southwest of the Ross River Solar Farm. The 148 megawatt solar farm has the capacity to provide enough electricity to run almost 54,000 Australian households thanks to its 413,000 solar panels that are dispersed over 202 hectares of land. Within three years, Townsville's Domain Central is anticipated to become the first shopping centre in the nation to be fully renewable self-sufficient with Solar Power Townsville.

Hundreds of solar systems were installed on Magnetic Island throughout the presentation, which captured the attention of the audience. Magnetic Island was the program's main emphasis. Townsville is the ideal location to install solar because of its location in the dry tropics and its year-round access to more than 320 days of sunshine.

In Townsville, a typical 5kW solar power system will produce an average of 25.2kWh of electricity each day, which is adequate to power a typical family house.

Key Advantages of Solar Panel Installation Townsville    

1.    Reduce your energy costs by up to 70%!
2.    Take steps to guard against steadily increasing power costs.
3.    For a 6.6kW solar system, there is a hefty $3400+ solar rebate available.
4.    Tariffs for solar feed-in.
5.    Protect our future by producing energy that is clean and renewable.
6.    Return on investment in 3 to 5 years!

State of Solar Power Townsville    

With the Townsville district, there are approximately 25,000 solar power installations as of January 2021, which translates to a staggering 24% of Townsville's available residences being covered in solar panels. We are proud to be one of the leading Solar Installers Townsville.

Best Solar Company Townsville    

One of the top Solar Installers Townsville is Revolutionary Solar. Revolutionary Solar is the best solar company Townsville because of their eco-friendly technology. They make sure that their solar panels are more efficient and can generate more energy than other solar companies.


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