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Why go for Solar Installers Geelong, VIC 3030

Why go for Solar Installers Geelong, VIC 3030

This article provides relevant details and intriguing data for the VIC 3030 postcode area in case you're thinking about installing Solar Panels Geelong.

As of October 31, 2022, there were more than 13,181 small-scale systems operating in the Point Cook postcode region (3030) with a combined capacity of 71,593 kW.

With 113,398 residents, this equates to 631 watts per person in the region, which is lower than the 782 watts Australian average. In the 3030 area, there are roughly 41,811 homes, which equates to 32 solar panel systems per 100 homes — the Australian average is 32.

Based on a conservative estimate of the daily energy output of 251,507 kWh (enough to power 15,719 houses) and retail electricity rates of 22c per kWh, people in the Point Cook and 3030 postcode area are producing $20,195,998 worth of energy annually at retail prices!

Owners of solar systems for home in the Point Cook area help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by preventing 98,226 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere each year.

Solar Installers Geelong?

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Solar Energy Resources In Point Cook

Over the course of a year, the average solar irradiation at Point Cook is 4.19 kilowatt-hours per square meter every day.

Estimates of Annual Electricity Production

Based on the aforementioned, you should be able to anticipate the following from a solar panel installation in Point Cook in terms of the region's typical annual solar energy output:

5,411 kW system: 6,411 kWh (around 110% of annual electricity use).
7,694 kWh (132%) from a 6 kW system.
12,823 kWh (around 220%) with a 10kW system.
16,669 kWh from a 13 kW system, or 285%.

The Ideal Panel's Orientation And Angle

For the best results, rooftop Solar Panels Geelong, Victoria should typically face north. The basic rule of thumb is that a decent panel angle should be approximately equal to the latitude. In the instance of Point Cook, that is 37 degrees; although, generally speaking, any rooftop angle will do (unless it is less than 10 degrees, in which case tilt frames may be required).

Victoria Feed-In Tariffs

In addition to supplying electricity for your home, Point Cook solar system installation owners can get reimbursed for any excess energy produced. It's crucial to compare energy providers to find the best electricity plan in the 3030 area because feed-in tariffs in VIC typically run from 5c to 10c per kilowatt-hour exported at the moment.

Point Cook Solar Energy Savings

Owners of Point Cook solar power systems can anticipate annual savings of $999 based on a 6.6kW system installation, a self-consumption rate of 40%, and the low end of the feed-in tariff range rate of 5c.

Requirements for Network Grid Connection in Victoria

You, your network distributor, and your installer must complete a sequence of processes in Victoria, but your installer will handle most of the labor-intensive administrative tasks. Find out more about Victoria's grid connection procedure.


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