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Fronius Solar Inverters: An Independent Review by Revolutionary Solar

Fronius Solar Inverters: An Independent Review by Revolutionary Solar

Are you planning to go solar? If so, it is essential for you to invest a quality solar system that is durable and efficient. But how do we determine the efficiency of a solar system? Through the components that together help the solar system to deliver optimal results. While there are many components that we need to study before purchasing, such as wires, batteries, inverters and panels. However, today we going to learn in depth about a popular and reputed inverter – Fronius Solar Inverter!

Fronius – Company Overview

Fronius was established as an electrical repair shop in 1945 and entered the industry of solar energy in the 1922. Today, Fronius International has a 75 year of history in the manufacturing of wielding equipment and close to three decades of expertise in manufacturing the best solar inverters in the world. 

Fronius International was founded by Mr Gunter Fronius in Australia, Europe. Mr Fronius died in 2015, although he left behind a legacy of the world’s leading solar inverter brand that continues to live and flourish even today. Fronius International launched its 1st grid-connected solar inverter in 1995 called the Fronius Sunrise. After the launch, Fronius became one of the best producers of string inverters. Today, Fronius has 28 offices across the globe. But the designing and manufacturing of its products is done in Europe, specifically in Australia. 

What is a Solar Inverter?

A solar inverter is an important piece of the entire solar system. It is a mandatory equipment that ensures a solar panel functions correctly. A solar inverter is a device that converts “direct current” (DC) that is captured by the panel directly through the sunlight, to “alternating current” (AC) electricity for consumption.

Types of Fronius Solar Inverters

The following are the types of inverters sold by Fronius International:

1.Fronius Primo: The Fronius Primo is a single-phase transform-less inverter, primarily designed for residential premises. The Primo has power ranging categories from 3.0 to 8.2 kW. These inverters are designed for smaller PV system and include advanced features like dynamic peak management, integrated data communication, Superflex design and smart grid ready. The Primo inverter also comes with active cooling, that uses fans to regulate air circulation. 
2.Fronius Symo: The Fronius Symo is a three-phase inverter. This range is suited for larger residential homes and small commercial projects. The power capacity of Symo inverters ranges from 3.0 kW to 20 Kw. The Symo range of inverters have the same features of that of a Primo inverter, however, the former ones are more advanced and deliver higher efficiency. The Symo inverters have a standardised mounting service that makes installation and servicing easy. 
3.Fronius Eco: If you are looking for a large capacity and reliable three-phase transformer-less solar inverter, you must invest in Fronius Eco. This inverter is ideal for medium to large-scale commercial applications. 
4.Fronius Symo Hybrid: The Fronius Syno Hybrid inverter is a hybrid inverter that brings together a battery charging system, a battery inverter, a controller and a solution for monitoring the system. The power for the hybrid inverter ranges from 3 kW to 5 kW. The symo hybrid inverter supplies households with energy from a PV system and stores the excess energy in battery. 

The Pros and Cons of Fronius Inverter


1.Fronius holds a strong brand name and recognition in the market. Thus, it deliver exceptional and reliable products in terms of durability and quality. 
2.Fronius International has an ethical approach in its product manufacturing practices, packaging, and repairs and recycling. 
3.Fronius products are highly efficient and offer improved scalability by giving access to more storage or to add more panels. 
4.All Fronius products sold in Australia are Clean Energy Council (CEC) certified. 


1.Fronius offers a 5 year standard warranty plus a 5 year warranty only for certain parts. This may not be beneficial for some customers who seek a 10 year warranty for the entire system. 
2.Fronius solar inverters do not have an aesthetic appeal. They are bigger and heavier in size. 
3.Fronius still relies on a fan cooling system, which can be little noisy. 

Are Fronius Solar Inverters Worth Investing?

Fronius solar inverters are highly efficiency and guarantee an excellent performance. Therefore, they are worth the initial investment. The Fronius solar inverter prices may seem costly initially, the service and quality of this inverter will prove to be a value for money! 
If you wish to know more details on Fronius solar inverters and their prices, connect with the solar representatives at Revolutionary Solar today!