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Split Cell Solar Panels: A Definitive Guide

Split Cell Solar Panels: A Definitive Guide

Split cell solar panels often referred to as half-cut cells are conventional silicon solar cells that have been divided in half using a laser cutter. Cutting each cell in half is the basic idea behind the split cell technology. Consequently, you have 120 rectangle cells rather than 60 square ones. The panel's weight and size remain essentially the same.

Typically, the line running through the centre of the panel and the visibly smaller (cut) cells make split cells easy to spot.

What Benefits Do Split Cell Technology Offer?

Better Shade Tolerance

Due to their special wiring system, they offer a better shade tolerance, which enhances the power output and performance of solar modules. This implies that, unlike a conventional solar panel, your complete solar panel will not be useless if your home has some trees that shadow your roof occasionally during the day.


Another advantage is that, as is the case with some of the brand names you will find in our online store, they typically offer a higher wattage per square meter than conventional panels.

Better Hear Distribution

Additionally, split-cell solar panels are more resistant to the impacts of hot areas. Hot spots are when there is excessive heat on a panel that moves, for example, from a very hot region to a shaded, cooler part. Hot spots won't be as harmful in a cell that has been split in half because there are more cells for the extra heat to be distributed among.

Less Power Loss

Split cells also help cl  assic panels experience less power loss by lowering internal resistance. Due to the nature of energy moving through the panel via electric current, internal series resistance develops. But because solar cells are divided in half, each cell generates less current, which reduces resistive losses.

Half-cut cells have a lot of benefits, but they are more expensive to produce since they require additional laser cutting and soldering operations. To get the most out of your split cell panels, you also need an inverter with global tracking MPPT functionality. Check out the variety of inverters that Infinity Solar sells and installs, including well-known brands.


Solar panels are becoming more and more popular for many reasons. These panels are designed to generate electricity from the sun's energy and provide a more environmentally friendly way of powering your home. However, solar panels require a lot of maintenance. One of the best ways to reduce maintenance is to use split cell solar panels.

If you're interested in split cell solar panels, get in touch with us. Our team of Solar Panel experts will help you get the most benefit of split cell technology.