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Solar Panel Installers Mackay

Solar Panel Installers Mackay

Solar Panel Installers Mackay

Have you considered adding solar panels to your Mackay home but are unsure where to begin?

We've done the legwork so you can learn more about getting Solar Panels Mackay with Best Solar Company Mackay.

Revolutionary Solar is a leading Solar Company Mackay that are professional solar panel installers Mackay region. We offer quality workmanship at affordable prices.

A Little About Mackay

Mackay is located on the Pioneer River on Queensland's eastern coast, about 970 kilometres north of Brisbane. The city has earned the moniker "The Sugar Capital" of Australia thanks to the region's production of more than a third of Australia's sugar. Mackay's humid subtropical environment and 7.7 hours of sunshine each day on average make it the ideal location to install solar electricity.

By switching to clean, renewable energy, with Solar Power Mackay residents have been utilising the sunshine and reducing their energy costs. An average 5kW Solar Power Mackay will provide 24.47kWh of electricity daily, which is sufficient to power a typical family house.

Key Advantages that Solar Panel Installers Mackay Provide  

1.    Reduce your energy costs by up to 70%!
2.    Take steps to guard against steadily increasing power costs.
3.    For a 6.6kW solar system, there is a hefty $3600+ solar rebate.
4.    Tariffs for solar feed-in.
5.    Protect our future by producing energy that is clean and renewable.
6.    ROI of three to five years.

Revolutionary Solar is a Solar Company Mackay that specializes in the installation of solar panels for homes and businesses. Our work has seen us become a recognized Mackay Solar Installers in the industry, and our experience has earned us a reputation for quality.

The climate in Mackay: Is Solar Power Mackay practical?

Solar power Mackay is a no-brainer due to the ideal sugar-growing conditions! The weather in Mackay is lovely. Our sunny winters are warm with an average low of 22°, while our scorching summers have an average high of 30°. The amount of solar radiation in Mackay is 5.29 kWh/sq m/day, which means that every single day, the sun will bead 5.29 kWh of energy onto whatever solar panels you place there.

Typical Size of Solar Panels Mackay

According to recent installations in Mackay, 5.1kW is the average size of a solar system. In general, we advise adding as many panels as your budget and roof space permit because we get a lot of inquiries from homeowners who want to add panels to an existing solar system that they built a few years ago (which may be an expensive exercise).

Notable Mackay Solar Installers

Revolutionary Solar are a Notable Mackay Solar Installers. We have been around for a decade, Providing Solar Panels Mackay homes and businesses. We offer free consultations, and can even offer you a free quote. They work with a variety of different types of solar panels, and they have many packages to suit all budgets. They also have a great range of solar products.


Revolutionary Solar is one of the largest solar power company in North Queensland. We provide solar power solutions to homes and businesses across the region, with a focus on installing solar panels for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.