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Solar Panels and Battery Package Perth

Solar Panels and Battery Package Perth

The cost of solar panels and battery packages per hour ranges from $800 per kWh to $2,000 per kWh, depending on the amount of energy you wish to store, your location, and any other features you require, such as grid backup. 

Unlike solar energy, battery solar package perth offers a great deal more than reduced electricity costs. Therefore, while deciding if battery storage is worthwhile, you must consider: 

  • Blackout security 
  • Virtual power plants (VPPs) — sell surplus solar energy at a rate far higher than regular feed-in tariffs. 
  • The capacity to power your home 24 hours a day using solar energy. 
  • Protection against potential electricity price increases 
  • The ability to charge an electric vehicle, which also saves money on gasoline. 
  • removing your residence from coal and gas use 
  • There are also a lot of intangible advantages that our clients enjoy, such as the independence that comes with being off the power grid. 

How do Solar Battery Packs Operate? 

Before we begin our investigation, let's review the operation of a solar battery. Solar panels create energy while the sun is shining during the day. This electricity is normally utilized initially to meet the demands of the residence, with any excess energy exported back into the grid. Some energy suppliers offer a "feed-in tariff" to purchase excess energy from customers. 

As an alternative to returning excess electricity to the grid, it can be utilized to charge a battery. The home battery storage system may then be discharged to power household appliances in the evening or exported back into the grid during peak demand periods for a higher feed-in tariff (usually through a Virtual Power Plant scheme). 

Solar and battery packages Perth store DC energy. DC cables can be used to connect batteries to a hybrid solar inverter. Some batteries include a built-in inverter and may thus be linked to the main switchboard as easily as any other AC item. 

Solar Battery Storage Has a Low Rate of Return 

In just two of the 48 scenarios we evaluated, the revenue from the battery paid for itself within its warranted lifetime when solely considering the additional revenue that the battery storage system will provide to the solar project. In most circumstances, if the primary objective of your solar project is to generate a financial return, it is advisable to construct a grid-connected solar system and use grid electricity throughout the evenings and nights. 

The price of solar system packages Perth has been constant over the past three to four years, which is the primary reason why they are still not worthwhile. Previously, home solar battery prices would have needed to decrease to $200-$300 per kWh of installed battery capacity for an attractive return, however the current market pricing is closer to $1,000 per kWh. Although batteries are being installed at a very big scale, they operate under a fundamentally different revenue profile that makes increasing sense. 

This study does not account for any additional income a battery owner can make by participating in a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). It is difficult to precisely anticipate revenue from these schemes due to the fact that the majority of them rely on atypical price occurrences on the wholesale power market. Currently, it is doubtful that these plans would have a significant impact on the findings of this research. 


Consider purchasing a solar panel package Perth with a hybrid inverter to accommodate a solar battery. Although it is prudent to postpone the purchase of a battery, you must consider when you want to install it. If you do not purchase a solar storage solution within three years, your hybrid inverter may become obsolete due to technological advances. A battery-ready system is also slightly more expensive.