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Bird Proofing Solar Panels Melbourne

Bird Proofing Solar Panels Melbourne

Over 2 million Australian households have installed solar panels on their roofs since 2018. As more people in Australia switch to renewable energy, that figure is expected to skyrocket. 

Rooftop solar panels have one annoying downside, however: birds, especially pigeons, prefer to nest around and under them. Solar panel protection from birds is simpler than you would believe. We have gathered a variety of approaches that are simple to execute and won't require a large financial investment. 

Keep reading to find out how to keep birds and their nests away from your solar panels. 

How Pigeons Can Impact Your Solar System

Birds and pigeons may do more damage to your solar panels than you would realize. We have divided the effect into three categories. 

Birds are Noisy and Dirty

The ruckus that follows pigeons is a sure sign that they have started a nest under your Solar Panels. The outcome will be restless evenings brought on by the constant sounds of scratching, scurrying, and chirping. In addition to being frustrating, this may be annoying. 

Secondly, Reduce the Efficiency of Your solar Panels

Your Solar Panels' capacity to produce Solar energy will be diminished if they become covered with debris like pigeon poop, dirt, and other filth. Your solar panels' efficiency and output will diminish if pigeon droppings cover their surface. If you are on a string inverter, this is especially worrisome since it behaves like shade. 

Thirdly, Pigeons Can Cause Harm to Your Solar Electric Panel System

Pigeons are a threat to your solar investment because they can harm both the external and internal parts of your solar panels. The acidity in pigeon poop may eat away at cables and even corrode the surface of your solar panels. Birds can cause damage to your solar power system by chewing on the wiring or scratching the surface of the solar panels. 

Doesn't that raise some red flags? Because of this, solar panel bird proofing Melbourne is an important preventative measure. 

What is Pigeon Proofing?

Solar panels are an expensive long-term investment, so making sure they are in good working order and being put to their maximum potential is crucial. For your Solar Panels to remain pigeon-free, you need pigeon-proof the area around them. As the pigeons will no longer be able to reach a secure nest underneath your Solar Panels, they will be forced to go elsewhere. Therefore, a permanent and ideal answer is bird proofing solar panels Melbourne

Why do You Need Bird Proofing on Solar Panels? 

Solar panels attract curious birds since they are often installed on roofs. Not only do solar panels provide a safe location for birds to rest, but their design makes the underside of the panel an ideal area for them to build nests. While the warmth and shelter supplied by solar panels is excellent for birds searching for a place to roost – it is less than ideal for property owners who have invested in a long-term green energy solution. 

Birds are a Major Threat to Solar Panels Since they Can Break the Panels and even the Roof.

In addition to the normal concerns connected with birds on your roof, birds pose a hazard to the cabling, panels, and functionality of solar panel installations. Masonry damage and clogged gutters are two examples. Another problem is bird poop, which is not only unpleasant to look at but may also be harmful to people's health if it accumulates on the panels or elsewhere on the roof. Bird proofing solar panels Melbourne is a smart move that will preserve your investment. 

Solar panel installation locations have been successfully bird-proofed with both bird spikes and bird netting. Protecting your investment in solar panels for the future is as simple as using bird proofing, which has a little aesthetic impact while yet being an effective deterrent.