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Brighten Your Life with Solar: Choosing the Best Solar Installers in Melbourne

Brighten Your Life with Solar: Choosing the Best Solar Installers in Melbourne

If you believed that the decision of transitioning from the electric grid power to solar generated energy was the only major choice you had to make, you are mistaken. The journey of convincing yourself, your family or your business shareholders and investors to adopt the energy harnessed through the sun can be challenging and tiring. Even though solar energy offers multiple benefits like abundant clean and renewable energy, easy management and reduced electricity bills, many are reluctant to install it because of the misconceptions and lack of accurate knowledge.

Many customers in Melbourne also avoid installing solar panels because they are faulty and require replacements and repairs. This concern brings us to the second most crucial phase of the solar installation process, i.e. choosing the right solar installer in Melbourne. 

Going solar is a significant and one-time investment. Hence, it is important to choose Melbourne’s solar installer who is professional, reputed and experienced. This way you will be enjoying seamless energy consumption without additional maintenance costs.

Are you new to the solar installation process and don’t know from where to start? Allow us to help you.

Revolutionary Solar is a certified and qualified solar panel company in Melbourne. As a leading company we offer premium installation services too. We have prepared a guide for you to select the best solar installers in Melbourne. 

Checklist for Choosing the Best Solar Installers in Melbourne:

1.Understand Your Needs: Before approaching a solar panel company in Melbourne, you must first figure out your expectations and requirements from a solar panel. This includes, what is your daily energy consumption, whether you need a residential or commercial solar panel installation and how many panels would you require. One must also set an approximate budget for installation. After a thorough need assessment, it will be easier to connect with solar power companies.

2.Compile a List of Solar Energy Providers: Once you are aware of your solar panel needs, you can search on Google or in your area for solar companies that can match your requirements. Prepare a list of all reputed and experienced companies in Melbourne to consult with. 

3.Reviews and Ratings: From the compiled list, shortlist only those solar panel companies in Melbourne that have a positive review and a good rating. Also check the company’s background, the number of years of expertise they hold and how many customers they have served. You can also connect with the past and existing customers to have a better understanding of their services. 

4.Certification: It is crucial to select only those companies that have received an accreditation from the Clean Energy Council (CEC). Revolutionary Solar is a credited and verified solar company. 

5.Cost: Before finalising a company, you must consider the installation prices and check whether they fit your budget. Ensure that there is complete transparency between the company and you. There must not be any hidden charges or tax levied. 

6.Tax Benefits: The local Government offers tax rebates and cash discounts. You must ensure that these benefits are added to your final billing amount. 

7.Background check of Installer: Once you are convinced with a specific company and are satisfied with the prices and services they offer, you must run a background check of the solar installer in Melbourne. He must be experienced and professionally trained to deliver a satisfactory service. 

8.Terms and Conditions: Before signing the solar installation papers, check for warranty terms, after sales services and other documents related to the purchase and installation process. 

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